Tecnológico de Monterrey

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About Tecnológico de Monterrey

The Tecnológico de Monterrey is a private university with 31 campuses within Mexico. According to the "QS World University Ranking" Tec de Monterrey is one of the 200 best universities in the world. Almost 90,000 students from all over the world and more than 10,000 professors offer a unique exchange of knowledge and culture.

Key Facts

Country Mexico
City Rotterdam
Language of instruction *Spanish and English, depending on campus
Places/Year 5
Study programmes BSc BA, BSc IM
Termtime WS *approx. Late August - December
Termtime SS *approx. February - June
Cost of Living *7.000-10.000 Mexican Pesos/month (approx. 300-440 EUR) (example: Campus León); approx. 40-130% lower than in Hamburg, depending on the city/campus (https://www.expatistan.com/cost-of-living/comparison/)
  * Please note that this information serves as a guide. For exact semester times etc., please consult the website of the respective campus.
  For more details, see the Fact Sheet in the downloads.


The Tecnológico de Monterrey (known as "Tec de Monterrey") trains its students at the highest academic and individual levels to prepare them perfectly for the challenges of the professional world. The focus is always on innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship: over 3800 companies have already emerged from the "Tecnológico de Monterrey's incubation model". Countless student activities outside the auditorium, such as sports, music or art create a fascinating quality of life. Business administration subjects can be taken on all campuses.


You are spoilt for choice: The university has 31 campuses throughout the country, in addition to Monterrey, for example, in Mexico City, León, Querétaro, Guadalajara and Ciudad Juárez.


As an exchange student, you have the option of choosing between dormitories for each campus or individual accommodation that you need to look for yourself. Please look up the options on the campus of your choice.


Tortillas, tequila and lust for life, that is what Mexico has become famous for. Although the country is geographically located on the North American continent, it belongs culturally and historically to Latin American. So, religious values, family life and cohesion are very important to Mexicans. Moreover, the art and culture of today's Mexico are strongly influenced by the indigenous peoples and the advanced civilizations of the Aztecs or Maya. Breathtaking nature and lavish fiestas will certainly contribute to an unforgettable time at the Tec de Monterrey.