Andrássy Gyula Budapesti

Partner University of HSBA

About Andrássy Gyula Budapesti

Andrássy University Budapest was founded in 2001 and is one of the few completely German-speaking universities outside Germany. As an accredited university in Hungary with a European orientation, it is supported by five partner countries (Germany, Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Austria and Hungary). Andrássy University Budapest focuses on the future shape of Europe with a special emphasis on the perspectives of Central and Eastern Europe and the Danube region. The university's goals are the training and promotion of experts on Europe and interdisciplinarity in teaching and research.

In addition to promoting German as a language of science and scholarship, the university is particularly committed to strengthening cooperation between the Danube states. Researchers at Andrássy University Budapest conduct research, for example, on projects in the field of the European integration process, on transformation processes, on the quality of democracies and economic systems and on the identity formation of nationalities, cultures and minorities. A well-equipped library offers rich literature for study and research in German. This stock is extended by the university-based Austrian Library György Sebestyén.