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The Universitá di Pisa is a university in Pisa, Italy. Almost half of Pisa's population are students. The university is located right in the centre of Pisa. The Faculty of Economics and Management has many different facilities to make studying more pleasant and interesting. On the one hand, there are many study rooms throughout the faculty, the library, but also several bars and computer rooms. Students can also take part in various sports courses and events organised by the university. The University of Pisa (Università di Pisa) is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Italy. Although it was officially founded in 1343, there are records indicating that the university has existed since the 11th century. Famous alumni of the university include Galileo Galilei and Antonio Pacinotti, Nobel Prize winners such as Giosuè Carducci (literature), Enrico Fermi (physics) and Carlo Rubbia (physics) as well as Fields Medallists Enrico Bombieri and Alessio Figalli (mathematics). Today, the University of Pisa is a prestigious modern centre for teaching and cutting-edge research. Almost all faculties are located in the heart of the city, both in the historic centre and on the outskirts. Most facilities can be reached within 20 minutes on foot from the centre of Pisa. Another service offered by the university is the canteen. All students are offered a reasonably priced meal service. There are three different cafeterias in the city that offer meals (lunch and dinner) every day of the week. The cost of the meals is between €3 and €4.50. Upon enrolment, students receive an electronic card that they can top up and use to buy food in any of the canteens.

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